Carbon Entertainment, a professional organization dedicated to bringing people together through the power of gaming, is excited to announce the six invited professional Overwatch teams that will be competing in the playoffs of the Carbon Master October 2016 event. These teams are the top ranked in the region and have earned the right to skip the open qualifiers directly to the playoffs.

The final teams are:

  • Faze Clan
  • Tempo Storm
  • Immortals
  • Complexity
  • Method
  • Kingdom Esports


The invited teams were chosen off of external metrics for the very first Carbon Masters event. Moving forward, teams that place at the top of the playoffs bracket will be given the chance to jump straight to the playoffs of next month’s Carbon Masters event. This rewards the teams that place consistently high in the tournament. The remaining seeds will be filled through another open qualifiering event, allowing for underdogs to appear.

What is the Carbon Masters

The Carbon Masters will be the elite battleground for Overwatch teams seeking consistent, high level competition. It provides the excitement of a high level invitational with the opportunity for wild cards to show their true skill through qualifiers. The two-stage event is designed to reward participants not only through a prize pool of $7500, but also by providing a platform in which teams will build stories and relationships that they can show the community.

Carbon Masters Playoffs

The four teams to survive the Qualifying Event will join six invited teams in the Carbon Masters Playoffs, which starts on Sunday, October 23th. The Playoffs offer the shot at not only $7,500, but also for a spot on the fast track to the next Masters event. Players should sharpen their hooks and tune their amps, because this is where the competition really starts to heat up. It might not be total mayhem, but this 10 Team Playoffs will demonstrate the best professional competition in the North American scene.

Ready to Watch Some Damage?

Complete information and coverage of the Carbon Masters can be found at The Open Qualifiers and Playoffs will be streamed to both Twitch <> and Youtube <>. Stay tuned to Carbon Entertainment’s social media to catch all the news about the Carbon Masters!

About Carbon Entertainment

Carbon Entertainment is a premier eSports media and broadcasting company dedicated to providing gamers of the world professional and high quality experiences that bring people together. Giving gamers of all kinds the opportunity to engage in something larger than themselves, to generate unforgettable social experiences, and to advance the boundaries of gaming and eSports. Carbon Entertainment fullfils these goals through organizing professional and semi-pro tournaments as well as producing professionally created content in live and on-deamnd forms.