As the curtain falls on the first Carbon Masters, Complexity emerges victorious from the intense action, sweeping Immortals 3-0, including an impressive stand on the unusual map Eichenwalde. With that, they not only win the title of the first Carbon Masters champion, but also $4,500 of the $7,500 prize pool!


Kingdom eSports managed to wrestle the third place spot away from H2K, 2-1, sliding into their portion of the prize pool as well. Although the three winners own the spotlight, every team that participated in the event showed exactly why they deserved to be there. The intense and exciting competition is exactly what inspires events like the Carbon Masters; battlegrounds for the best to compete.

Carbon Entertainment and the Carbon Masters will be back in November. We’ve taken all of the feedback received by our teams and the community, and aim to shore up loose ends and streamline the experience. We probably won’t be getting chairs for the casters, still, though. The Open Qualifiers will be back as well, allowing any wild card team a shot at competing in the Playoffs against the best teams in NA.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our event, from a competing or even spectating standpoint. Be sure to follow Carbon Entertainment’s social medias (Twitter, Facebook) and on Twitch to keep tabs on upcoming events!