Our mission is to bring people together through the power of eSports.

We are Carbon Entertainment, and we are dedicated to providing gamers of the world professional and high quality experiences that pull people together. We give gamers of all kinds the opportunity to engage in something larger than themselves, to generate unforgettable social experiences, and to advance the boundaries of gaming and eSports.




We create and organize professional events for any skill levels from amateurs to top-tier teams. We do events differently by keeping the players and teams center focus. Participating in our events is not just about a prize pool or title, it’s about the entire experience.


TV Studio live broadcasting.Recording show.TV NEWS program studio with video camera lens and lights.Positioned stage big professional broadcasting camera with headphones

Broadcasting and streams are the windows into the eSports world. We make broadcasts with the highest production quality because we believe that the fans deserve a front-row seat into the action.