Overwatch Carbon Series

The Overwatch Carbon Series features six of the fiercest North American competitive Overwatch teams in a series of online matches, broadcast on Carbon Entertainment’s Twitch channel, directly from Carbon’s newly remodeled studio in Denver, CO. Teams will participate in 10 competitive matches spanning five weeks of primetime competitive play, culminating in a Top 4 Overwatch Carbon Series Playoffs.

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Carbon Masters

The Carbon Masters will be the elite battleground for Overwatch teams seeking consistent, high level competition. It provides the excitement of a high level invitational with the opportunity for wild cards to show their true skill through qualifiers.

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Carbon Premier

The premier top tier monthly League of Legends tournament. Providing challenger and collegiate teams an opportunity to shape and tell their story, the Carbon Premier offers an entertaining and competitive event where teams can not only grow in their own greatness, but the community along with.

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Carbon Winter Invitational

Our very first event. A $5000 invitational League of Legends tournament designed to be run yearly inviting the best challenger and master teams to battle it out in the rift to bring in the new year!

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